Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hurdl customizable?
The Hurdl ecosystem is designed to be plug and play. That said, we offer our clients individual support so they can use our tools to their fullest advantage. From design help on the actual Pixl, to best practices at live events, to the most effective ways to put our marketing platform to work, our number one goal is helping our clients get the most value possible out of our technology and software.
Are messages read on the Pixl
Messages aren't transmitted to or from the Pixl. Messages to and from event attendees are transmitted through SMS on their mobile phones. The Pixl only receives Radio Frequency (RF) transmissions: one to activate the Pixl after event-goers answer the SMS survey questions, and more throughout the show as the lighting director controls the Pixls.
Does anyone else do what you do?
Other companies do wearable audience lighting but they can't highlight distinct groups of audience members (because they don't know who is in the audience). Other companies offer text-based marketing platforms but their engagement rates don't compare to ours (77.6% at our most recent tour vs the industry standard 5%). So the answer is "yes" but really the answer is "no".
Who is Hurdl designed for?
Hurdl was conceived with artists and bands in mind but we quickly saw the application for any live event. We have enhanced the experience at NBA games, awards shows, live music tours and festivals and even a wedding! Coming up we have some political rallies and book tours.

How does the Hurdl system work?

Watch the video to see an overview of the Hurdl system