Chris Young + USAA

About the project

USAA Bank actively looks for high value impressions in the right target markets. As part of their first ever artist tour sponsorship, USAA Bank’s goal was to leave a positive impression on fans in the Chris Young audience by an enhancing the audience experience, while adding current and past military and military family leads to their marketing funnel through capturing first name, last name, mobile phone number, and email address on attendees at each show.


USAA Bank engaged Hurdl by branding each wearable LED wristband with their logo, and included a question about the military status of each attendee in the SMS activation survey. USAA then followed up with the leads captured after the event both through text message and their email marketing efforts.


By using the Hurdl platform over the course of six concert dates, USAA Bank secured more than 700,000 brand impressions (OOH) and 17,000 new customer leads (CRM) including qualified active military, veteran, or military family – spending less than 10% of their average cost per lead. USAA has more events planned with Hurdl.

USAA + Chris Young