About the project

RCR Racing team is interested in building an SMS database that can be later offered as an added, direct to consumer offering to their brand partners by engaging fans in venue and at home through a second screen companion engagement platform in various locations (e.g., at the track, at home, at a bar). RCR focused on one up and coming driver, Tyler Reddick.


Create a Text Tyler SMS messaging channel with weekly Team Challenges that generate opt-ins, deliver branded messages, and host weekly racing and branded challenges. Text TYLER to 770-022 to try it out!


By using the Hurdl platform, RCR has added thousands of fans to their SMS CRM, with a regular 30% of Fans joining the Team Tyler Challenge every week, with 72% of fans rating their enjoyment of the experiences a 5 (on a scale 1-5, 5 being excellent).